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Daily Archives: February 19, 2017

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Masai Mara
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A trip to Masai Mara, during the oh-so-desirable rainy season, with Peter, Olivia, & Amadi.   Saying "hi" and "bye" to all the animals New word: "baby monkey" Sitting in the front seat, pushing ALL THE BUTTONS on the car R breastfeeding A while on incredible bumpy roads

Hawaii 2015/2016
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fist bumps with Baba trying to step off the boat “more” pointing at the ocean “ooh oh oooooh” with a tiny crooked arm : rooster impressions with Baba Animal Interactions learning to walk with Maia bumping her around telling Maia "no no no" throwing blocks at Xena patting her leg / some flat surface to get Maia to come

Sassy Song Singing

Row Row Row Your Boat: "...Life's a butter streammmmmm..."  (2016 Q4) "...Mellowly mellowly mellowly mellowly... (2017 Q1)   ABCs "...Next time DON'T YOU sing with meeee.  Yyaaayyyyyyy!" (2016 Q3)